Blog Update & Upcoming SANS SEC511 in Minneapolis/Portland

A quick update: Things have been slow on the blog recently because I've been working on so many other things this year, but more articles are coming soon. I already have the topics thought out, I just need the time to write it down. My plan is to write one or more articles on my favorite ways to secure Windows with free tools from Microsoft, the SysInternals suite, and otherwise. It will probably be a rather large post or group of posts, and my goal is to get some of it posted by the end of September after my next SANS class.

Speaking of which, if you're interested hardening and locking down Windows, it's one of the things covered in the class I've been teaching this year, SANS SEC511 - Continuous Monitoring and Security Operations. My next runs of the course will be in Minneapolis September 12-17 and in Portland October 17-22, and there's still plenty of time to register. If you're interested in learning about setting up a defensible network security architecture, hardening your endpoints, and applying Network Security Monitoring and Continuous Security Monitoring, this is the class for you. SEC511 is also unique in that class runs 9am - 5pm like a normal SANS class, but also includes an extra 2 hours of bootcamp every day. These extra 10 hours involve challenges delivered via the NetWars engine, and are designed to get you to immediately apply the principles and tools you learned in class that day to ensure the concepts stick in your head. It's a great value add to the course and am excited to be teaching it again in a few weeks.

Hope to see everyone in Minneapolis!